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This past February, I was asked to speak on a radio show called Design Evolution with Naomi Pearson. I was on the show with Jeremy Mende talking about Ideas that Matter, Project M, my Pay it Forward initiative through Design that Cares and the 1% Project; Jeremy’s project made possible by an Ideas that Matter grant.

You can listen to the show which originally aired on February 19, 2009. And you can also subscribe to the show’s podcasts by visiting the iTunes store.

STEP magazine - Design that Cares


Design that Cares has a small write-up in the Nov/Dec issue of STEP magazine. Design that Cares is an initiative to “Pay it Forward” by helping to fund another designer to attend Project M next year. To donate and get a free poster, go to

You can read the write up by Michelle Taute here.

Speak Up!

I recently wrote an article for Under Consideration’s Speak Up on my experience with Project M and my Pay it Forward initiative. Here’s an excerpt from the article.

“I graduated from Syracuse University in 1996 full of excitement to enter the design field. I had the crazy idea that I was going to change the world of design and if I was lucky, become an influential designer at the end of my career. I was 21

Read the rest of article.

Paying it Forward


Last June, I spent 4 weeks in Hale County, Alabama with Project M, an intensive summer program designed to inspire designers to show that their work can have a positive and significant impact on society.After going through the M experience, I’ve realized it’s important that talented designers continue to have the opportunity to attend Project M. Proceeds will go directly to helping other designers like myself attend Project M. Buy one now.

And here… we… go!


The Project M Lab website was launched today. For those of you that don’t know, last month I was in Hale County, Alabama working with Project M, an intensive summer program designed to inspire designers to show that their work can have a significant impact on society. We decided to establish a permanent home for the Project M Lab in Alabama to encourage and teach others to design responsibly.

Check out for more information.

What’s Worth The Wait?


Our ladies over at Georgetown Cupcake are at it again gobbling up some well earned press time. This time they are featured on the Today Show’s segment of “Why Wait In Line” and NBC’s “Fun in DC for $40.”

Graphis Design Annual 2009


Just got word that the 2008 Ideas that Matter call for entries received a Gold Award in the 2009 Graphis Design Annual. You can check out the book at

Project M

I have been selected to be one of nine designers to partake in this year’s Project M. Project M is an intensive summer program designed to inspire young designers to show that their work can have  a significant and positive impact on society. This year’s Project M will be in Hale County, Alabama; home of the Rural Studio and the inspiration for Project M.

View an article on Project M from Good Magazine.

Sweet Success


The girls over at Georgetown Cupcake, for whom we designed their logo last summer, have been receiving some wonderful press since they’re opening on Valentine’s Day 2008. The video above is some coverage on Fox 5 news in Washington DC. Here’s to your continued success Georgetown Cupcake!

Good Ideas


Sappi’s Ideas that Matter has been receiving some buzz around the design community. Check out the recent write-ups from the HOW design blogs and GraphicArts online.

To apply for an Ideas that Matter grant, go to